Pig, Sheep, Poultry, Goat and Small animals List

Monday – February 5, 2024

Lambs weighing #50 to #70 selling for up to $115.00/head
Ewes selling for up to $120.00/hd
Rams selling for up to $275.00/hd

Feeder goats weighing #40-#60 selling for up to $90.50/head
Large goats weighing #245lbs selling for $190.00 – $275.00/hd

Poultry/laying hens $8.00-$13.00ea.
Large Roosters $10.00-$12.00ea.
Small Chickens $2.00-$6.00ea.
Ducks-Mature $12.50ea.
Geese $6.50ea. – $69.00/ea.
Pigs Under 300-400# $260.00 – $305.00/hd

For more information please call us at the Auction Barn-(360) 966-3271 or Terry @ 815-4897.

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