About Us

Everson Auction Market is Northwestern Washington’s strongest market for all classes of Dairy and Beef Cattle. Located 14 miles east of Bellingham, in one of the best Dairy producing areas, Everson Auction offers a year around market for Dairy and Beef Producers.

Livestock auction markets protect you by acting as the agent to transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer. They assume the risk of non-payment for a small cost… Commission. You receive immediate payment backed by a bonded and regulated account.
You will be paid in full. Paid on time. Fair, competitive price.

Specializing in Beef and Dairy cattle, Everson Auction Market has Field Representatives to assist with:

-Information and Current Prices
-Livestock Appraisal
-Feed pens for early consignments
Free on farm visits and estimates
-Organizing and conducting on Farm Sales and Special Auctions